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Documentation Foodgard

  • FOODGARD Sales Sheet Add to cart

    Document with primarily sales points and scientific test results of FOODGARD product.

  • FOODGARD Product Data Sheet and Applications Add to cart

    Data on FOODGARD product with food applications and recommended dosage.

  • FOODGARD Manufacturing Information Add to cart

    Information on how to understand the Lot number and description of manufacturing process - Flow chart and import NAFTA document.

  • FOODGARD Product Information Add to cart

    Various information on Nutritional value, FDA-GRAS status, Kosher certification, Certificate of analysis, MSDS and instructions how to use FOODGARD product.

  • FOODGARD Statements Add to cart

    Declaration concerning those subjects: GMO-Free, Natural, Organic, Country of origin, Letter of guarantee, Allergen, Proposition 65, Anti-doping, Biocide, BSE-TSE, Heavy metal, Irradiation and ETO.

  • FOODGARD Scientific Research Add to cart

    Scientific research reports and publications on FOODGARD. ‘In Vivo’ and ‘In Situ’ efficacy tests reports on various food applications.


Documentation Cleargard

  • Mandarin Peel Flavor (ClearGard F432C-K) Add to cart
  • Tangerine Peel Flavor (ClearGard F492C-K) Add to cart
  • Bitter Orange Flavor (ClearGard F477C-K) Add to cart
  • Hibiscus Flavor (ClearGard F499C-K) Add to cart